Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The lost Royal Rumble of 1994

It's a little known fact, and one that WWE will never acknowledge, that there have been more Royal Rumbles than the ones shown on pay-per-view or television. One such house show Royal Rumble took place on January 17th, 1994 at Madison Square Garden, just five days before the Royal Rumble PPV and occurring at the same time as a taped Monday Night Raw was being aired. Thanks to some bootleg camera work (which couldn't have been easy in 1994, given the size of camcorders of the day), this Rumble is preserved for posterity. After being traded on VHS for years, it has made its way onto the Wild West of video hosting sites, Dailymotion.

There are a number of humorous mishaps that occur throughout the match, including Diesel accidentally eliminating himself by stepping over the top rope to exit the ring (although the referees ignored this obvious infraction) and the middle rope snapping and eventually falling off completely by the end of the match.

NYC Royal Rumble Pt.1

NYC Royal Rumble Part 2

NYC Royal Rumble Pt.3

NYC Royal Rumble pt.4

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  1. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were supposed to appear in this Rumble, but there'd been a big snowstorm and they were stuck in it. The Quebecers replaced them. Another three (I forget their names) were supposed to appear but couldn't for the same reasons, they were replaced with Confetty Kid and Polo.