Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raw 1993, Quarter 1 Stats

With my hometown Baltimore Orioles pushing closer and closer to their first playoff berth (and winning season) since before the Montreal Screwjob, I'm in the mood for stats.

The following rankings are based solely on Monday Night Raw results from its first 3 months, January 11th to April 5th (excluding PPV, Superstars, and house show results). Wins in squash matches and indirect wins (via DQ, countout, and tag matches where the partner gets the fall) count as half a win. Likewise, losses via DQ, countout, or a tag partner taking the fall count as half a loss. Razor Ramon gets a two-point bonus for winning a battle royal, while the other participants are not penalized. Only superstars with more than one match will be ranked.

Superstars are ranked by percentage, then their net win/loss total.

Mr. Perfect is the Raw MVP of the first quarter, with 3 victories over name talent. Virgil, Repo Man, and Terry Taylor all tie for last place among Raw regulars, with 2 pinfall losses each and zero victories.

There's more to wrestling, of course, than wins and losses. A wrestler may give consistently great performances even if their win/loss record doesn't show it. While judging the best performer on Raw may seem like a purely subjective exercise, there is a completely scientific, objective way to calculate this: Count the number of times a superstar is praised by Vince McMahon for a Maneuver.

The totals are as follows:

Mr. Perfect: 5
Tatanka: 5
Scott Steiner: 4
Max Moon: 4
Rick Steiner: 3
Ric Flair: 3
Shawn Michaels: 3
Brutus Beefcake: 3
Rick Martel: 3
Bob Backlund: 2
Terry Taylor: 2
Tito Santana: 2
Kamala: 1
Doink: 1
Bam Bam Bigelow: 1
Crush: 1
Bret Hart: 1
Virgil: 1

Mr. Perfect and Tatanka are tied up thus far in terms of Maneuvers. Unfortunately, such a ready-made feud never materialized in the WWF.

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