Friday, December 7, 2012

New on Wrestlecrap - Johnny Damon hosts Raw

My latest article on Wrestlecrap is the induction of the Johnny Damon Christmas episode of Raw from 2009.

Here's what I wrote to one RD Reynolds of regarding my article:

"The great thing about WWE in 2009 was that its "guest host" concept provided a treasure trove of Wrestlecrap (not to mention that the whole "Donald Trump buys Raw" storyline that spawned the guest host idea made absolutely no sense). As I watched this episode, I realized that I was watching the nadir of WWE Raw, and I was actually mad at WWE for bringing back Bret Hart the same night that TNA switched to Monday nights, as I felt that TNA's product was actually superior during those last few months of 2009. Then I went abroad for four months with access to WWE but not TNA, and of course Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan ruined everything TNA had going for it in that short time. So I guess that makes the Johnny Damon Raw a precursor to the Gooker Award-winning Monday Night Wars of 2010?"

Don't forget to check out my inductions of Roxxi Laveaux and the American Wrestling Federation, also on the site, and expect more content from Art0Donnell in the coming weeks.

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