Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jobbers of '93

Von Krus

Best known as: Big Vito

Future Gimmicks:
bald gang member, mafia strong-arm, crossdresser

Scott Taylor
AKA: Mark Taylor
Best known as: Scotty 2 Hotty
Gimmicks: ambiguously gay tag team partner of Brian Cristopher, white hip-hop aficionado

Glenn Ruth

Best known as: Thrasher

Gimmicks: nun, heavy metal fan, hidden camera mastermind

 Duane Gill

AKA: Dwayne Gil, The Executioner

Best known as: Gillberg

Future gimmicks: Goldberg impersonator

Future accomplishments: Longest-reigning WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, defeating future world champion Christian

PJ Walker

AKA: BJ Walker, "Cory Student"

Best known as: Aldo Montoya, Justin Credible

Future Gimmick: Portuguese jock-strap mask-wearer, Lance Storm tag partner, X-Pac lackey, "EV 2.0" wrestler

Future Accomplishments: ECW Tag Team and World Champion

Cory Student
Best known as: not PJ Walker

The 123 Kid
AKA: Kamikaze Kid,
Cannonball Kid, The Kid

Best Known As: Syxx, X-Pac

Future Accomplishments:
WWF Tag Team Champion with Marty Jannetty, Bob Holly, Kane; European Champion; Light Heavyweight Champion; WCW Cruiserweight and Tag Champion, TNA X Division Champion; Founder of X-Factor stable; Chyna sex tape

Mark Thomas
AKA: Art Thomas, Scott Thomas

Best known as: subject of Marlo Thomas joke by Rob Bartlett

Rich Myers
AKA: Bam Bam Bigelow

Barry Hardy
AKA: Executioner #2

Future Accomplishments: Not being related to Matt or Jeff

Bobby Who
AKA: Excuse for the announcers to recite that Abbott & Costello routine

The Brooklyn Brawler
AKA: MVP, Kimchee

Jason Knight
Future Accomplishments: ECW TV Champion

Tony Devito

Future gimmicks: bald gang member

Future Accomplishments: Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions with HC Loc

Mike Moraldo   
AKA: Mike Maraldo, Dave Moraldo

Jim Powers
Future Accomplishments:
Had less successful career than former Young Stallions partner, Paul Roma; 1 of 60 men in WCW's World War 3 Battle Royal, 1996

Mike Bell
Future Accomplishments: Dropping Perry Saturn on his head on a 2001 episode of Jakked, being beaten up by Perry Saturn

 Iron Mike Sharpe 

Barry Horowitz

Future Accomplishments: Multiple victories over Bodydonna Skip; appearances at Summerslam and Survivor Series 1995; own line of WWF merchandise


  1. God bless you jobbers. Making the wrestling world turn.

  2. Brilliant blog post. What a great list of early 90's jobbers. This was the era I began to watch the WWF :-)

  3. You might want to add Jim Brunzell in the list of 1993 jobbers. I didn't even realize he was still in the WWF as of 1993, long after the Killer Bees (featuring Iron Sheik's "favorite" wrestler B. Brian Blair) disbanded! Turns out he was just another enhancement talent...

    Great work with the blog! This one brings back a whole lot of memories.

  4. Peter Weeks - what a photo. Stick that on a trading card!