Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Raw #136 - November 20th, 1995

It's a live Raw from Richmond, VA, the night after Survivor Series. We see clips of the 123 Kid's betrayal of Razor Ramon and joining of the Million Dollar Corporation. The Kid was a surprise member of the Bodydonnas team, taking the place of the recently-fired Jean-Pierre Lafitte, who ran afoul of the Clique. Not that you would know about the Bodydonnas-Underdogs match, nor the eight-woman tag match, neither of which were ever mentioned on Raw. Anyway, Sid interfered against Kid's former championship partner, Marty Jannetty, to give the newest Corporation member the victory. Later, Sid and the Kid distracted Razor, who was "powerbombed" by Davey Boy Smith, according to Vince, referring to the running powerslam. Better stick to just calling everything a "maneuver," McMahon.
The Kid faces Hakushi, who defeated him at Summerslam. Meanwhile, Razor Ramon speaks on the phone with Vince McMang, claiming not to be a crybaby and that the "stickmang" is simply "small change." Hakushi knocks down the Kid with a Maneuver (#1 - dropkick, nicely done) before Marty Jannetty storms ringside in a leather jacket. Two referees hold back the Rocker as Raw goes to commercial.
The Kid is in control after the break thanks to DiBiase's influence, which has improved the Kid's performance 110% according to Jerry Lawler. For once, "110%" is a mathematical possibility, meaning that he is 2.1 times better than he was before. Hakushi blocks a kick by the Kid for a Defensive Maneuver (#2), but his opponent still kicks him in the head with his other foot. Kid then poses with some faux-karate moves. The modern-day kamikaze falls prey to a top-rope splash, but manages to kick out, then fight back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, a Maneuver (#3) that takes a lot out of the Kid. Back on his feet, Hakushi delivers throat thrusts, a springboard elbow, and Another Maneuver (#4 - flying fist). A flying shoulder tackle fails to put away the Kid. As Hakushi prepares to dive off the top rope onto the Kid on the arena floor, Ted DiBiase pushes the Japanese Underdog to the canvas, where he is pinned.
King gets a word with Ted Dibiase (who was once pinned by his new client) and the Kid, who apparently isn't getting paid enough to afford a decent haircut. Marty Jannetty tries to get to the Kid, but Sid shows up, leading to a double-team on the former IC champion. Sid then powerbombs (not powerslams) Marty on the floor.

Dok Hendrix delivers the Slam Jam, the former Freebird sporting a collar shirt and sweater combo. He announces the next PPV, In Your House, featuring Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog for the WWF Title. Henry Godwinn faces Hunter Hearst Helmsley in an Arkansas Hog Pen match. Meanwhile, Diesel shows up to the arena looking like Paul Heyman in his pony tail and ball cap and starts talking to Shawn Michaels.
Skip takes on Savio Vega, but before the match, Barry Dadinski shows off some hideous denim jackets. Vega, who will take no guff from anybody, takes it to Skip until the Bodydonna slides through his legs for a Nice Maneuver (#5), then an enziguiri. Both men jockey for the advantage, with Vega coming out on the winning end of a suplex battle. The match is interrupted when Diesel comes to ringside, shoving Skip and grabbing a microphone to cut a worked shoot promo. Far from losing sleep over his actions last night (powerbombing Bret repeatedly and striking referees), he "slept like a baby" that night for the first time in a year. Given his laid-back promos, I find that hard to believe. He blames Vince for making him a "corporate puppet" and vows to be the Big Daddy Cool of old. He then promises to only slap hands with fans who wear the black gloves they can buy from the WWF catalog.

HBK does his stripper routine before facing Owen Hart. Owen scores a number of near-falls in the opening seconds, but Michaels responds with a backslide, back body drop, and a dropkick to knock Hart out of the ring. Vince recounts the punishment Michaels took last night, including a Razor's Edge and a Yokozuna leg drop, "notwithstanding" his own partner Sid powerbombing him. He means, "not to mention." Shawn takes over Owen with a Maneuver (#6 - huracanrana) an lays in a series of punches. He is soon knocked over the ropes, however, by a Devastating Maneuver (#7 - clothesline) by Owen Hart, who follows it up with a baseball slide to the jaw. It must have been an extremely precise kick, having hit the jaw and not merely the "jaw area." Owen hits a German suplex, but Michaels kicks out. Jerry speculates that every inch of Michaels's body must be sore. "Every inch of it," he reiterates. I blame Sunny. A Devastating Maneuver (#8 - spinning heel kick) levels HBK just before the break.
After commercial, Jerry brings up Tony Randall, who just married a woman 50 years his junior, claiming the actor to be his new hero. At last, some genuine shoot remarks on this episode! Owen attempts a superplex, but Michaels counters with a body press and a two-count. Michaels hits a High-Risk Maneuver (#9 - flying elbow drop) of his own off the top rope, but Owen kicks out. Michaels sets up for Sweet Chin Music, but Owen won't come out of his corner. Michael grabs his leg and tries to pull him off the ropes, but Hart counters with an enziguiri to the side of the head. Vince calls it a Devastating Maneuver (#10), which turns out to be an understatement. HBK clotheslines Hart over the ropes, then skins the cat to get back into the ring and showboats for the crowd. He then collapses, which only a few people (Shawn, Vince, the EMTs, and maybe Earl Hebner) had known would happen. Vince leaves his seat to check on Shawn.
Michaels gets oxygen as his collapse is replayed sans commentary. Officials cut off his wrist tape and remove his black gloves, meaning he can no longer slap hands with Diesel.

Final tally:

10 Maneuvers (Year total: 231)



  2. just wanted to say that I love your blog, especially because there are already too many blog, websites etc. that just cover the Monday Night Wars (but there are very few that cover 1994 and 1995).