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Raw #130 - October 9th, 1995

It's a "very special holiday edition" of Raw, taking place on Columbus Day. Starting off the show is a six-man tag match, with three men on each team to represent the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa MarĂ­a. I guess. Otherwise, I don't see anything having to do with Columbus Day on this episode. Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker take on Camp Cornette. Only one of the three faces will even make it to the pay-per-view in a few weeks.
Owen and Shawn start off, with Michaels attempting a hip-toss, then Rocker-dropping out of it for a Clever Maneuver (#1). Shawn later clotheslines Hart over the tope rope and skinning the cat to get back in. Soon, all six men are in the ring, leading the Two Dudes with Attitudes to whip Hart and Smith into Yoko, followed by Diesel and Taker booting Yokozuna to the outside. Diesel and Bulldog end up the legal men until Yoko tags in, only to be clotheslined by Big Daddy Cool, who tags in Taker. The Dead Man hits Old School but fails to put the big man down, soon falling prey to a Samoan Drop. Waylon Mercy, who faces Diesel on Superstars in what will be his final match, is seen looking on as Taker plants Yokozuna with a DDT. Shawn tags in, but gets taken down by the 600-pound behemoth's uranage, an Unbelievable Maneuver (#2). Owen tags in and tries to pin HBK, who kicks out despite the effects of Yokozuna's Maneuver (#3). Hart works over Michaels's back before tagging Bulldog, the #1 contender for Diesel's title. Smith press slams Michaels, but a subsequent pin is broken up by Shawn's foot on the ropes. Owen tags in while his team triple-teams Shawn as the show cuts to commercial.

Owen has Michaels in an abdominal stretch (improperly applied, without hooking the leg, as Gorilla Monsoon might point out). Dean Douglas comes to ringside once again to take notes on his In Your House opponent. Owen levels Michaels with a Devastating Maneuver (#4 - clothesline).  With Yokozuna now the legal man, Vince wonders whether Michaels can make the necessary tag to The Undertaker or "The Other Dude With The Attitude, Big Daddy Cool Diesel." Bulldog soon tags in, drops him with a vertical suplex, pins him, and got 'im (no, he didn't). Owen tags in, executes another Devastating Maneuver (#5 - spinning heel kick), and got 'im (no he didn't). A diving headbutt by Owen is cut off by a commercial break.
Shawn, it turns out, moved out of the way after that headbutt, but it still takes both men the entire commercial break to muster up enough energy to tag out. Diesel and Bulldog, In Your House opponents, tag in. Diesel cleans house as mandated by the Hot Tag Police, but soon gets dropped by Bulldog's running powerslam. Undertaker breaks up the pin, but Yokozuna drops a leg on Diesel, who is then pinned by Smith, marking the first time Diesel has been pinned on free television. King Mabel soon runs (or walks) in to squash Undertaker with Yokozuna's help. The two big men take turns dropping legs on Taker, with Mabel crushing The Undertaker's orbital bone. Meanwhile, Dean Douglas hits a Gordbuster on Shawn Michaels onto the steps.

WWF officials peel the three babyfaces off the mat while we see footage of last week's Hart-Lafitte rematch, after which Isaac Yankem blindsided Bret. Vince announces that Yankem and Hart will face off in a cage match next week, with the added stipulation that Lawler will be put in a separate cage should he interfere. We also see the last eight minutes of Bret and Isaac's Summerslam match while Vince and Jerry talk over it. During this interminable filler segment, Lawler claims to be the "key to victory" for Isaac Yankem next week.
Skip of the Bodydonnas faces Make-A-Difference Fatu, who would be snubbed for a "Best Buns" Slammy nomination. Skip tries ramming Fatu's head into the turnbuckle, but this of course has no effect on the Samoan. After Sunny distracts the referee, Fatu pursues the Bodydonna manager on the outside, then turns around and hits Skip with a Nice Maneuver (#6 - punch). Fatu loses his momentum, however, after ramming his shoulder into the ring post after Skip moves out of the way. Vince chides Skip for targeting Fatu's forehead and hurting himself in the process. "What an idiot!" are his exact words. Skip then hits a diving headbutt, but only injures himself on Fatu's indestructible Samoan coconut. Way to make a difference, Fatu! Skip puts Fatu on the top turnbuckle for a superplex, but can't lift the former Headshrinker, who punches off the Bodydonna and hits a splash for the victory.

Dok Hendrix gives a report outside the face locker room about Undertaker and The Dudes' injuries. Jim Ross then enters the heel locker room to interview Jim Cornette, who speaks for the Bulldog (good idea). Smith poses in his brown baseball cap (and pants. He's also wearing pants) before cutting a promo on Diesel, whom he vows to beat for the title at "In Your Hoase." King Mabel then interrupts to congratulate his "homie" and to threaten The Undertaker, whom he will bury "under a mountain of snow."

Final Tally:

6 Maneuvers (Year total: 180)

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