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Raw #127 - September 18th, 1995

The 123 Kid faces Razor Ramon in tonight's first match. We see clips of the Kid's first victory against Ramon two years ago. As Razor enters, the announcers promote his confrontation with Dean Douglas this Sunday at In Your House. The Kid takes it to Razor right off the bat, hitting him with a Maneuver (#1 - spinning back kick) and setting a record for earliest use of a maneuver in Raw history.
Razor falls through the ropes and takes off his jacket and gold before re-entering. Ramon catches Kid and lifts him onto the turnbuckles, from which he drops him with a fallaway slam. Later, the Kid gets his hip toss blocked, then tries to Rocker-dropper out of the predicament only to be chokeslammed. This exact exchange occurred in their $10,000 rematch two years ago. The Kid shifts the momentum by tossing Razor over the top rope and following up with a dropkick plancha.  Kid slaps on a sleeper as Raw goes to break.
Ramon still has yet to escape when Raw returns but gets a sudden burst of energy, rising to his feet and dropping the Kid with a Maneuver (#2 - belly to back suplex). Both men are down as Earl Hebner starts a ten-count, but Razor drapes an arm over the Kid for a two-count. The two men collide off an Irish whip, taking the referee down with them. Dean Douglas takes advantage of the confusion by splashing Razor's back off the top rope. The 123 Kid crawls back into the ring along with the referee. The Kid drapes an arm over the Bad Guy for a long three count, picking up another victory over Ramon.
Dean Douglas has rushed back to his classroom for another edition of the Report Card, having changed out of his shirt and into his exclamation point jacket in record time. He gives the 123 Kid a "D" for "Dumb" for thinking that he beat Razor single-handedly. Razor gets an "E" for "elevate," since he is trying to elevate himself by wrestling Douglas. he gives himself an "A" and gives his impending victory over Razor an "N" for "No-brainer." That spells, "DEAN," for the record.
Bob Holly teams up with Savio Vega, whose colossal push early on has been curbed by leaving him off Summerslam and teaming him up with the Spark Plugg. It pays to be in the Clique, I guess. They face Kama and Tatanka, two guys who won't have another pay-per-view match this year or next. Bob Holly slides between Kama's feet with a Nice Maneuver (#3), which he follows up with another Nice Maneuver (#4 - arm drag) on his fellow Brawl-for-All participant. The future wrestling pimp tags in Tatanka, who sadly never had a run in the Nation of Domination. He could have evolved into an Indian casino boss or something. Savio tags in, but Tatanka exits the ring and picks a fight with Holly. In the distraction, Kama beats up Savio, with Tatanka joining in as the ref restrains Holly. The announcers agree that Bob Holly is a hothead (no way!). Kama tags in and pounds Savio with another Maneuver (#5 - axe kick to the back of the head). Holly again tries to enter the ring, drawing more criticism from McMahon. Holly finally gets the hot tag, then mounts the top rope for a High-Risk Maneuver (#6 - dropkick). Tatanka breaks up the ensuing pin, and Kama reverses a flying body press very sloppily into a head-first powerslam for the victory.

Jean Pierre LaFitte wears Bret Hart's jacket in the ring before his match against Brian Walsh, a tune-up for his match against the Hitman at this Sunday's In Your House. Hart calls the Raw commentators on the phone from the set of the Lonesome Dove TV series. Bret calls LaFitte a pirate, while Jerry Lawler tells Hart that he won't be tasting "LaFitte," but "defeat." Why would Bret have to taste Jean Pierre LaFitte? Ewwww.... The pirate finishes Walsh off with La Cannonball.
Tony Chimel is seen helping the ring crew reinforce the ring for the upcoming Men on a Mission/Yoko and Owen match. Two commercial breaks later, and the match is almost underway. No titles are on the line tonight, preventing Men on a Mission from entering the Triple Header match and robbing Sir Mo of the chance to become WWF champion. Yoko and Mabel stare down at the outset, but Mo and Owen soon step in to start the match. King Mabel tags in to dominate last year's king before tagging back out to Mo. Owen Hart performs a Nice Maneuver (#7) by sliding between Mo's legs, but catches a knee to the back from Mabel while bouncing off the ropes. Fans cheer because a heel got hurt. Mabel then chokes Owen with the referee distracted. Owen is playing Ricky Morton, if you will, albeit with a shorter mullet. Owen tosses Mo over the ropes and tags Yokozuna, who calls Mabel into the ring, distracting the King of the Ring while Owen slams Mo into the steps. Yokozuna chops and punches down Mo in the corner, later joined by Owen. We take a break as Yokozuna tags in Hart.
Both men miss simultaneous spinning heel kicks, then tag in their mammoth partners. Mabel topples Yokozuna with a diving clothesline before tagging in Mo for a double clothesline. Owen hits the same sneak-attack knee to the back on Mo that Mabel did on him, then hits a flying dropkick on Mabel's knight. He then gets crotched on the top rope and taken down with a superplex, but Yokozuna breaks up Mo's pin. Hart hits a drop toe hold on Mo, allowing Yokozuna to leg drop him. Owen pins Mo for a three count as Yokozuna holds onto Mabel's ankle to keep him from interfering, ending the first heels vs. heels tag match on Raw since teh Beverly Brothers vs. Money, Inc.
Vince gets an interview with Jim Cornette and the tag team champions. Cornette tries to put a wedge between Diesel and Shawn by asking whether they will save each other or save their own title by sacrificing their partner.
Vince and Jerry sign off via green-screen, doing their best to sell a pay-per-view with only two episodes of Raw (from a single taping) to do so. This episode was so light on Wrestlecrap, I hardly have any material to make a rec(r)ap video on it. Next week, the British Bulldog will face the Undertaker.

Final tally:

7 Maneuvers (Year total: 159)

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