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Raw #134 - November 6th, 1995

The British Bulldog takes on Marty Jannetty to open the show in a battle of the 1992 firings. Dok Hendrix is at the announce table tonight, filling in for Jerry Lawler, who teams with Isaac Yankem to take on Bret Hart and Hakushi. The Modern-Day Kamikaze has apparently forgiven Bret Hart for being a racist. Speaking of which, did I mention that Michael Hayes is doing commentary tonight?
The two New Generation stars battle it out, with Jannetty poking Bulldog in the eyes early on, which Vince rationalizes. Marty runs Bulldog into the ropes, but Davey Boy hooks the rope for a Nice Maneuver (#1). Jannetty responds with another Maneuver (#2 - enziguiri). Clarence Mason chimes in with prerecorded comments about securing a title shot at the December In Your House for the Bulldog. No doubt energized by the big news, Bulldog executes a Maneuver (#3 - delayed vertical suplex) on Marty. After a long side headlock, Marty recovers to perform a crucifix pin, but the Maneuver (#4) only earns him a two-count before getting turned inside out with a clothesline.

Bulldog tosses Jannetty to the outside after the break, allowing Jim Cornette to get in a few cheap shots. Marty then launches over the ropes to attempt a sunset flip, but Bulldog resists and slaps on a side headlock. Jannetty escapes, but a failed attack on Bulldog in the corner leaves him hanging from the tree of woe. Marty gets put right back into a side headlock, but breaks out and does Diamond Dust off the second rope. No, I don't mean he snorted a powder substance mid-match; I mean that he executed a flipping cutter on Smith for a Tremendous Maneuver (#5). Don't believe me? A replay confirms that it was indeed a Tremendous Maneuver (#6). Jannetty launches off the top rope for a fist drop, lands on his feet when Smith evades it, then executes a DDT on the Bulldog. However, Smith gets his foot on the ropes to escape a pin, then hits the running powerslam for the victory.
A Bill Clinton impersonator (the same one from Wrestlemania X and Obama vs. Hillary 14 years later) promotes Survivor Series in Landover, Maryland, claiming he will be in attendance.

Jim Cornette gets an angry word in with Dok Hendrix about the Wild Card. He threatens Shawn Michaels not to double-cross Smith in the match. Michaels defeated the Bulldog for the Intercontinental three years ago (which he then lost and regained from Marty Jannetty).
We see a clip from Superstars, where Bam Bam Bigelow challenged Goldust to a match. It would end up being at Survivor Series, Bam Bam's last match in the WWF.

Henry Godwinn takes on Terry Richards, the future ECW Champion Rhino. Hunter Hearst Helmsley has been having run-ins with Godwinn and his slop bucket, at one point getting an assistant to confiscate it and remove it from ringside on Superstars. The Blue Blood faces the hog farmer next week. Richards soon falls prey to the Slop Drop, then gets rolled to the outside to be slopped. However, Helmsley intervenes, hits a Pedigree on Godwinn, and puts on a set of white gloves to handle the dreaded slop bucket. Hunter delicately overturns the slop bucket onto Godwinn.
Ahmed Johnson, who slammed Yokozuna last week, will debut next week. This week, however, Kama faces Tony Roy, although the announcers spend the whole match talking with Shawn Michaels on the phone about his recent return to the ring and the Wild Card match. "Notwithstanding the Wild Card match," Vince asks for a prediction for the main event between Bret and Diesel. Vince still doesn't know exactly what "notwithstanding" means.

Next week, Razor Ramon defends his Intercontinental Title against Sid in match where not only can the title change hands on a countout or DQ, but where the 123 Kid himself will be the special referee. The Goldust fan club show last week heckles Jerry Lawler before his tag match, prompting Vince to remark about "kings, queens, and court jesters." It's incredible that all those people showed up again this week in the same outfits. Bret and Isaac start off the match, with Bret Hart getting the better of the dentist, even biting the future Kane before tagging in Hakushi. Barry Horowitz cheers him on as he wears down Yankem with wristlocks and aerial moves. Bret takes advantage of a distracted ref by choking Isaac before tagging back in. A sunset flip over the ropes nets the Hitman a two-count before he tags his partner back in. Hakushi tries a handspring elbow, but gets clotheslined by Yankem for his trouble in a Devastating Maneuver (#7). Hakushi fights back with his own Maneuver (#8 - springboard dropkick) before falling victim to another Devastating Maneuver (#9) by Isaac Yankem, getting rammed back-first into the ring post. Yankem and King team up with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Mabel on the Royal Team at Survivor Series, taking on The Undertaker's Dark Side (consisting of members of the backstage Bone Street Krew clique). Lawler finally tags in, spiking Hakushi with two piledrivers. Yankem steps into the ring to double-team Hakushi, prompting vince to urge for a disqualification, even though Bret Hart did pretty much the same thing earlier in the match.
Hakushi claps his way out of a bear hug as Raw comes back from commercial. Hakushi dropkicks Yankem but gets caught and put in a Boston crab. Lawler tags in and delivers fist drops, but a top rope move backfires as Hakushi punches him in the throat on the way down. Hakushi gets the hot tag to Lawler, who takes down the newly-legal Yankem. Speaking of newly-legal, Jerry Lawler soon arrives on the scene, but gets his head knocked against Isaac's. Hart puts the sharphooter on Yankem, but with teh referee distracted, Lawler comes in with one of those flimsy plastic chairs. Barry Horowitz cuts him off, snatches the chair from the King, and brandishes it, drawing a disqualification when the referee turns around. King and Yankem pick up the victory, adding to Lawler's already-impressive win-loss record against the Hitman.

The show closes with Todd Pettengill wondering whether Hunter Hearst Helmsley will "finally taste the hog man's slop." Ew. We also see footage of next week's Sid/Razor match, which happens to be the finish, where Sid powerbombs Razor.

Final tally:

9 Maneuvers (Year total: 217)

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